Invitation for Huygens Webinar 18.10 What's New 2nd run

On many request we organize a second run of the Huygens 18.10 What's New Webinar on January 15, 2018. This webinar will showcase the new features that are included in the 18.10 Huygens version.

In the new version we will introduce a totally new solution for Array detector microscopes (e.g. Zeiss Airyscan and SPAD25 microscopes) with resolutions well into the super-resolution area. Like all Huygens solutions it will be scientifically validated, easy to use and applicable on all modes (Fast, Super-resolution and Confocal for Airyscan) of the microscopes and work as well for home-built SPAD25 systems.

As colocalization is a widely used technique for image analysis you'll find a fully renewed and very user-friendly Colocalization analyzer . As before fully 3D and time-lapse automated, now also featuring support for GPUs.The Huygens Coloc will work for researchers interested in Object Colocalization and in Full Colocalization via coefficients. Whether you want to see all in one go or prefer a guided route via the Wizard or have a shortened route you will find it in the Huygens Coloc solutions.

The excellent GPU usage which is already possible with Huygens has been broadened further both in the sense that now nearly all functions can be used with GPU acceleration thus speeding up your analysis further, and by introducing multiple Extreme GPU cards to speed up your analysis even further. With the many (near) automatic steps which can be easily activated your overall image quality can improve thanks to Huygens without any extra work on your side.

As excellent file readers are a necessary first step for all your analysis Huygens added extra file readers for the Array detector file formats: CZI, ICS, HDF5.

For those among you who own an Abberior STED microscope we heartily invite you to listen in as well as we now read the Abberior Stedycon files, MSR, and more features are on its way to be presented to our STED users.

You can download Huygens 18.10 from here and you can request a test license after starting Huygens Essential or Professional.

The subscription is open again -

Date: January 15, 2019
Times: 9.00 CET - 17.00 JST - 19.00 AET or 17.00 CET - 11.00 EST - 8.00 PST

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