Invitation for Huygens Webinar 17.10 What's New

The Huygens 17.10 What's New Webinar showcased the new features that are included in the 17.10 Huygens version. The new version includes, for example, improvements in the Colocalization analyzer, in the Hot pixel remover, in the Deconvolution Express and Image feeder. Furthermore, the 17.10 includes a feature that a lot of our users requested: real time deconvolution on ROI's, with direct feedback for the SNR. The Huygens Webinar about What's New in the 17.10 version took place the 21st of November.

You can watch the recording of the webinar until the 28th of November via this link.

Are you interested in the webinar organized by Scientific Volume Imaging? You can find more information at this webpage.

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